About Me

Christian Osborne is a wife and mother to two beautiful babies. When she’s not wearing the hat of wife or mom, she’s wearing the hat of writing consultant while working in her university’s writing center. However, at all times, Osborne is wearing the hat of writer.

Her works can be found in the Outdoor Retailer magazine, The Peer Review journal, and the Bell Ringer newspaper. Though journalism is her preferred genre of writing, Osborne prides herself on being a versatile writer.

In addition to sharing her words in various publications, Osborne also shares her works on her blog’s Instagram @_TheChristianWay. Her Instagram has over 2k+ followers that she connects with like family. The Christian Way Instagram has collaborated with brands like Fabletics, TopGold, and Disney+.

Overall, Osborne’s goal is to share the gospel of Jesus without condemning or shunning those with different beliefs. She wants everyone that comes in contact with her in person or virtually to know that Jesus loves them so much.

She identifies as a logophile.