Meet Christian

Christian Osborne

I didn’t wake up like this…

I am a wife of six years, mom of two, lover of words, and ultimate lover of Jesus. I always joke that my blog was birthed after my friends and family protested my unnecessary longwinded photo captions on Facebook and Instagram.

“I don’t log onto social media to read essays,” they teased.

Well, like a good neighbor, I heard their plea and officially created a space where words dwell. I love it here! While I never want readers of my blog to assume that I’m one of those bloggers that claims to have this thing called life figured out, I do want my readers–my family to leave my platform feeling full. We can figure out life together, here.

From meaningful memoirs, family recipes, thought provoking conversations, and sweet revelations from my life, I promise to move you with my words.

Thanks for stopping by The Christian Way. I hope you stay awhile.