You Don’t Need Dollar Bills to Have a Fun Date Night! **Sia’s voice

So, I’m all for cheap fun. My husband and I try to be as creative as possible on date nights. One, I’m a full time college student and my husband is on a college hiatus until medical school. Secondly, often times our money looks funny. Like funny funny. This may sound discouraging to most but it’s not to us. We’re firm believers that faith without works is dead and we KNOW we put in the work!

I’m an avid crazy Pinterest mom so I get a lot of inspiration from couples with pockets that mimic ours. Check out some really romantic but affordable date night ideas below. Thank me later.

Movie marathon:

Thank God for Netflix and Fire TV sticks! These contraptions have made accessing your favorite films easy with just a couple of clicks with the remote. Pick a Netflix show or movie series to binge watch with your mate! Grab your cozy blanket, favorite snack and get to bingeing!


Recently, my husband took me on a picnic for my birthday. We shared our meal on green grass that overlooked a river. How romantic huh? Make a meal together or pick something up and find a quiet spot to picnic! If you’re really fancy, get a cute picnic basket!

Visit Free local events:

I bet you never thought Facebook could enrich your marriage. Well, thanks to sometimes annoying pop ups about local events happening in your city, you and your spouse can now take advantage of FREE events! In my city, almost every Sunday a FREE jazz concert is held downtown. My local art museum is free on Sundays too! Check out the local events happening in your city! You might find a free event that you could enjoy with your love!

Game night:

For this one, you might have to fork over some cash initially. When my husband and I moved into our latest home, we purchased a couple of board games. Our thoughts behind doing this were, “when we’re too lazy to leave our home or can’t find a sitter, we’ll have game night in the comfort of our own home!” Stocking up on board games can save you so much money and preparation in the future! On a rainy night or after you put the kids to bed, whip out the board games and play your hearts away! Grab your favorite wine and get to bonding!

Take a walk:

This one might not be as popular as it should. Take a walk! Get your Jill Scott on and take a long walk with your man/woman. Leave your phones behind and talk. Walk, talk and get a light workout in. Seal the end of that walk with a kiss!

Dating doesn’t have to break your pockets. Remember, all you need is love. No matter how long you’ve been together, never stop dating! Never stop pursuing each other.Xoxo,


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