Sis, You Need To Eat Your Placenta!

I just recently gave birth to the most perfect baby girl named Zora. My pregnancy with her was blissful and perfectly prepared. My husband and I planned our pregnancy. In fact, I prayed for God to bless me with a baby girl on my birthday (my birthday is May 8th) and I got pregnant on May 1! We officially found out in June! I planned EVERYTHING! My hair stayed perfect, nails stayed painted and I even splurged on a swaggy maternity wardrobe. Personally, I think if there was a level of slayage in a pregnancy, I’d definitely be rated a high level of 20,000! (haha) With all that modest talk said, there was one thing I was just as adamant about and that was my mental health postpartum.

I suffered from depression before and after with my first pregnancy. My depression was so intense that I vowed to do everything I could to prevent myself from having it the next time around. I did my research about ways to prevent postpartum depression. One thing that I seemed to find in EVERY search was, eating my placenta! The new and “trendy” thing all the coolest moms raved about was eating your placenta! I’m not the type to follow trends so I wasn’t easily convinced. Yall, I prayed on this and I’m so happy I did. I figured why not? “Eating your placenta is all natural and the worst thing that could happen is that I waste money on something that didn’t work,” I thought.

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So first, what is the placenta? The placenta is an organ in the uterus in charge of nourishing the baby/babies through the umbilical cord. (**** Fun fact: Most mammals in the wild eat their placenta immediately after birth.) I read up thoroughly about placenta encapsulation and digestion and found that not only can eating your placenta prevent postpartum depression, it too can increase breast milk supply. This time around, I really wanted to exclusively breastfeed. My first baby (Liam) didn’t latch, so once again, I wanted to be educated and prepared so this baby (Zora) would.

Eating my placenta did indeed increase my milk supply. Zora fed every 15 minutes her first few days out the womb. Although it was exhausting to cater to her so frequently, I was so excited to have such a hearty milk supply. My milk supply was limited with my first baby, Liam. With Zora, I pumped 4/5oz easily within the first few days of her arrival. After including my placenta capsules with my daily vitamins, I noticed my milk supply increase another ounce!

For people like my husband who value medical opinions, there’s not a lot of medical information on effects of eating your placenta. I guess you can say medical professionals are a little indifferent. They don’t say do it and they don’t say don’t do it. Some people believe that eating your placenta is nothing more than a placebo. I don’t agree.

I read that eating your placenta provided moms with more energy. What I found about eating my placenta immediately after birth was that it made me really jittery. It felt like I had just chugged an energy drink. I postponed eating my placenta until 1 month postpartum and I noticed that I no longer had the jittery feeling but instead a noticeable amount of newfound energy.

My labor was a bit dramatic. Remember now, I planned EVERYTHING in this pregnancy. Well, Zora was an emergency Cesarean. All my plans went out the window when the doctors told us that our baby girl’s heart rate dropped dangerously low.

Because I had already discussed eating my placenta with my doctor, it was noted in my birth plan. Everyone on staff knew to KEEP my placenta safe and untouched! After Zora was born, my placenta was placed on ice in my cooler. I’m not sure how it works in every hospital but if you choose to eat your placenta, you have to provide your OWN cooler and the hospital will provide the ice. Sometimes they’ll store it in their freezer if you have a longer and unpredicted stay.

I live in a small town, no one locally was available to encapsulate my placenta. I luckily found someone 45 minutes away. Finding someone that I trusted to encapsulate my placenta was important to me. I searched for a company to trust with my placenta and didn’t find a company worth moving forward with. Last minute, I found Little Orchids. This company was the only place that made sense to me. The owner, Juliann Lee was so kind. She answered my many questions and what really sold me was the sound of her own children playing in the background during our phone call. I was like, “She’s a mom. She gets me.” After officially choosing to go with Little Orchids, I provided them with the information requested(due date, location ect.) I paid my deposit and then we all waited for baby Zora to arrive.

When baby Zora was born, Little Orchids was so accommodating to my new situation. (Remember, I had an emergency C-section.) Juliann offered to meet my husband half way for the drop off and pick up of my placenta so he wouldn’t have to make the full 45 minute commute. I received my placenta capsules 2 days after Zora’s delivery. My placenta capsules came with instructions on storage and dosage.

Eating my placenta improved my mood. Coming home postpartum after a C- section wasn’t apart of my plans and recovery was tough! Somedays I resented my entire pregnancy… Eating my placenta definitely changed my mood for the better. I felt lighter, happier and calmer. I suffered from a lot of anxiety postpartum. Eating my placenta seemed to calm me. I started with 1 capsule a day and gradually increased to 2.

The capsules don’t have a taste or scent. Despite their size, they go down pretty easily too. Overall I’d highly recommended eating your placenta! Eating my placenta has been a beautiful experience.

If you’re in the Columbia SC area and want to encapsulate you placenta visit

If this is something you’re interested in remember to bring your own cooler to the hospital. Include eating your placenta in your birth plan. Talk with your doctors and pick a company you trust to encapsulate your placenta.

Congratulations to my new mamas!



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