Self Love Tips Postpartum

My weight has always been a struggle for me. I’ve never been skinny. I didn’t start to love my curves until I moved to a school with a larger African American population. My peers praised my curves. Curves have always been celebrated in the black community. It was refreshing to see girls shaped like me roaming the same hallways. Attending predominantly Caucasian schools made it hard for me to see the beauty in my shape—body types like mine weren’t the norm.

I’ve always had wide hips which I later learned wasn’t such a bad thing if I wanted kids in the future. Childbearing hips is what my BaBa called them. I was blessed with boobs too. My curves are very proportionate and I’m grateful for that. However, owning my sexy didn’t happen over night.

1 year postpartum with my first baby

After giving birth to my son, I was so depressed. My body not only resembled that of hippopotamus, (it’s ok to laugh at this)I didn’t feel like myself either.

Before pregnancy I loved my body. Ok so I was kind of cocky. By 18 years old, society finally started to praise bodies that looked like mine! Women of all walks of life were paying to have the natural curves I was blessed with! I was lit. My body was lit. I was dwelling in all things body positive.



After giving birth to my son, loving myself was tough because I lost my self confidence. My once nice boobs now kissed the floor after being released from my bra. My back had rolls I’d never seen before and if I ever thought my thighs rubbed together; boy oh boy did those things stick together now! Accepting my new postpartum body was hard.

It wasn’t until I found weightlifting that I began to start to feel confident again.Postpartum with my first baby Liam, I started going to the gym five times a week and counting my calories. Weight didn’t fall off easily or fast but it fell off. Before I knew it, I was down 50+lbs! Because of all the hashtags I used below my Instagram pictures, I found other moms who had similar weight loss goals. These moms became my online friends and accountability partners! We encouraged each other below post and even shared dieting and training tips. It felt good. I felt good.

With my most recent pregnancy, I went to the gym almost everyday, modifying my workouts of course but that didn’t seem to matter. Baby Zora was determined to make mommy fat. Still, I embraced the extra weight. Recently, I’ve returned back to the gym and started counting my calories but weight loss this time around has been different. My postpartum c-section belly stores most of ALL my fat— in my lower belly. This extra tummy makes me self-conscious in jeans, dresses and even skirts. Instead of dwelling on the extra weight, I’ve decided to live my best fat life. Weight loss takes time. I can’t base my happiness around losing weight; so why not love the skin I’m in today while working towards my goal? It’s so important to love yourself through the journey! If you don’t love you at your “worst,” why the hell would you love yourself at your “best? Self love starts from inside. Understanding and changing my mindset helps keep me mentally and physically healthy during my postpartum weight loss journey.

Mommy of 2 💪🏿💪🏿

Here are 8 tips that keep me on the right path! ⬇️⬇️

1. Create a Pinterest for healthy meal inspiration!

I love Pinterest. Eating healthy can get boring but Pinterest helps me to keep things fun and tasty!

2. Follow fit moms on social media or follow moms that share similar goals to you !

This tip helps keep me accountable! I steal workouts from my favorite fit moms. All of their journeys are so inspirational, they push me to go harder because they too have been where I am!

3. Buy clothes that compliment your new body and own your new mommy curves!

After my first pregnancy I was so hard on myself to lose the weight! I would buy things based on my pre-pregnancy weight to punish myself to lose weight faster if I wanted to wear it. That sounds crazy and it was. Punishing myself like this, made me more depressed because I never had clothes to compliment the body I had in that moment. In turn, that made me feel unattractive and sad.

4. Listen to “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo when you feel down!

“I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that chick…” These words alone get me hyped! I replay this song until I believe every word! I👏🏿 AM👏🏿THAT👏🏿CHICK👏🏿 and so are you!

Picture taken from

5. Adjust how you contour and highlight your face!

When I saw Queen Rihanna adjust her contour after she gained a few pounds I was like, “ok!!!” When you gain a few pounds and your face gets a little round, switch up how you do your makeup! Makeup should compliment you.

Picture taken from Pinterest

6. Watch My 600lb life when your journey feels stagnant. — at least you’re not 600lbs.

You’re probably laughing reading this and it’s ok because I laughed typing this but seriously, watch my 600lb life. No, don’t make fun of the people on the show because as real as crack addictions are, so are food addictions. I’m just saying, watch a few minutes of the show and thank God that you can still walk and leave your house! Use that gratefulness as motivation to stick to your goals! Thank God that your weight hasn’t gotten that far. Be encouraged!

Picture taken from

7. Remember that small progress is still progress!

Chill! Sis, you just had a baby! You grew a whole human for 9 months! It took your body almost a year to transform to grow baby! Be patient with yourself postpartum. Small progress is still progress. Don’t let other mom’s “snap back,” make you feel insecure because yours is taking you a little longer to achieve.

Picture taken from Pinterest

8. Remember that God loves you no matter what!

God doesn’t care how much you weigh! He loves you no matter what. He loved you before you were even born and guess what? Wings in Heaven are one size fits all. You’re good sis!

Picture taken from

Stopping beating yourself up! You got this! Read this out loud, “you is beautiful. You is kind and you is important.”




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