Don’t TOUCH My Hair! I Just Got It Done!

There’s nothing like waking up early on Saturday morning and heading to your favorite hair stylist’s salon! You arrive to their shop, you tell them how you want your hair and boom! Before you know it, you’re handed the mirror for your big reveal! Just like that, you walk out the salon as different person—- a new woman. Having the perfect hair stylist is one of the major keys of womanhood! It’s basically an unwritten beauty law. 

Since a young girl, I’ve only had 2 people to do my hair. One was my mother and the other was my mother’s dear friend, aunt Gwen. After a beauty day in the salon, I always looked forward to the first day of school and picture days! I could barely sleep at night knowing that the next morning I’d be walking into a class with a new hairdo! I knew I’d be met with big eyes and hands that couldn’t resist the urge to run their hands through my hair. I was often asked, “is this your real hair?” “Yes,” I’d say proudly. “I go to Altruistic Hair Design and Salon.”

From chic cuts, color, natural hair and relaxed hair, ya girl Gwen Bovan ALWAYS delivers! As a woman of God, not only are you met with hands that care for your hair, you’re met with a woman that loves her clients like family. Gwen is amazing! She’s a busy mommy that makes balancing work and motherhood look easy. I’m still not convinced that she’s not a superhero incognito.

I have thick shoulder length hair. My hair is so thick that people have changed their styling price after running their hands through my hair. “I can’t even feel your scalp,” a stylist once complained before starting box braids. One time, a stylist’s assistance asked for a raise after braiding my hair for a sew in. Her argument was that, braiding my hair was simply too much. “She has thick and long hair. I should get paid extra for clients like her.” That comment hurt my feelings. With all the negative connotations that have been bestowed upon black women with a certain hair type, that comment made me feel like my hair wasn’t beautiful.

Gwen never disappoints me. My hair is always so sheen, healthy and BOUNCY! After being natural for 3 years I recently decided to go back to creamy crack postpartum after giving birth to my daughter. I no longer had the time for twist outs and tedious wash days. I needed something easy—-convenient. The decision to go back to a relaxer after being natural for so long was hard but choosing who I trust with my hair wasn’t a hard decision at all. Altruistic Hair Design and Salon is hands down the best hair salon in Martinez, GA and Gwen Bovan, she’s the best hair stylist on the planet.

If you’re in the CSRA area and need a hairstylist that slays, book Gwen. Your hair won’t regret it.

Altruistic Hair Design and Salon

(706) 831-0342




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