#CollegeMom Starter Kit

Fall semester started back this past Wednesday and ya girl is already exhausted! I envy my young fresh faced classmates that complain about balancing work and school! “Tired?” I asked them in my Soulja Boy voice. “I’ll show these young bucks tired…” I think to myself!

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So it’s the first day of class and as always, my professors are explaining the class expectations … I’m listening but I too am doodling down a quick grocery list. Multitasking—it’s basically my only superpower. Well that and having the ability to heal any boo boo with a kiss.

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Balancing motherhood, marriage, my faith and college weren’t always so easy for me. In fact I almost quit after returning within a week. Being the “old head,” in the classroom is intimidating as heck. Motherhood already makes you feel like you no longer know who you are. I mean, are you still “yourself,” or are you now JUST “so and so’s mom?”

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Imagine returning back to college after a 10 year hiatus just to not know where your stance on breastfeeding in public places are. You don’t want to stand out. You don’t always want to be the old person boring the class to death. Be honest, no one likes that’s person. We all try to avoid that person at all cost and when this person raises their hand to speak, we all sit uncomfortably in our seats waiting for them to say something “weird” and unrelatable.

Just 10 years ago before motherhood you could’ve cared less about breastfeeding but now, this matters to you because you’re the “creepy” lady with the kid attached to your boob in the fancy restaurant.

Bottom line, who are you? Do you even know anymore?

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Let’s talk about how tired you always are. Unlike your peers who get to clock out after their job and leave work behind; you don’t have that leisure. You’re now a mom 24/7. No sick days, no call ins and ironically, your kid always gets sick when you have a big test.

It’s a lot and I’m sure reading all this is overwhelming but guess what? I got you! I’ve managed to survive 2 years of college as a mom and successfully have remained on dean’s list every semester! It’s hard but it’s doable.

Below, I’ll share tips that have helped me to be a successful #CollegeMom!

1. Don’t overwhelm yourself!

Starts slow! Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Pace yourself and slowly build up your class load.

2. Communicate with your professors! Before your Professor is a professor, they’re a human!

The first day of class is the perfect day to introduce yourself and get to know your professor on a more intimate level. This makes remembering your name and face for the professor easier … Establishing a good rapport with your professors makes college a lot easier for you. Trust me!

3. Never procrastinate!

Procrastination will have assignment deadlines sneaking up on you! Keep an agenda and stick to deadlines. Doing this will not only help you stay afloat in college, but this will also give you more time to spend with your family!

4. If possible, complete assignments ahead of time!

If you’re given weeks to do an assignment. Start working on it the day it’s given. Work on it each day. This will decrease stress and again give you more leisure time!

5. Use every tool your university offers!

This means, if your university offers a writing center, tutoring center or even free coffee; take it! Use these things to help you be great! Class breaks are tools you should use too! Use your breaks between classes to work on assignments, study, eat and depending on the duration of the class break, nap!

6. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, visit the onsite counselors!

In a society where depression is at an all time high, don’t risk your mental health when you’re given tools to help it!

7. Make other college mom friends!

This tip really helped me! Finding someone who can sympathize with your situation makes you feel normal! Share tips and tricks and even try to schedule play/study dates! Help each other be super!

8. Be easy on yourself!

Don’t set unrealistic goals! Don’t compare yourself to your classmates! Remember, being a mom is hard enough and you’re doing that and in college! You’re a superstar!

9. Set small goals and crush them!

When I made my great return back to college, my goal was to make A’s and B’s in all my classes. At the time, I was only taking two classes. I set that small goal and ended up making all A’s instead! I made a 100% in my college algebra class that semester! Achieving my goals made setting news one more exciting!

10. Make Jesus just as much of a priority as your school work!

Remember, you can’t do this alone! Make Jesus just as a priority as you do anything else!

He will lessen your load! Trust Him with that!

“Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

For extra encouragement, listen to my favorite song, “Unstoppable” by Koryn Hawthorne!👇🏿


Be easy on yourself mama! You got this! Glow girl!



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