Don’t Dis Gusta

I’m a southern bell, the south is deep in my blood! Home of the sweetest sweet tea, peaches and the Masters– I love me some Augusta, Georgia!

When you grow up in a town so small, it’s easy to get bored. You feel like you’ve seen it all, done it all and when you’re younger, you dream of moving far far away as soon as you get the chance. It happens to everyone, even the people who live in the most gorgeous places.

I’ve lived other places but nothing beats home. Recently, I’ve really started to embrace my Augustan roots, supporting local businesses, going to local events and discovering art created on my town’s walls. It’s been wonderful– a new found love and appreciation for the city that birthed me.

On this new journey I’ve been obsessing over my city’s hashtag, ” #LoveAugusta,” and following other local bloggers! Augusta is lit!

Downtown has the most scenic views and there is literally something to do for everyone. Let’s not forget that this was the home to The Godfather of Soul, James Brown!

If you’re from here, I encourage you to step out your comfort zone. Try new things and fall in love with the city that loves back!

From our local farmers market, colorful murals and history, Augusta Ga is definitely a wonderful place to live. For all the latest events happening in Augusta, visit Augusta & Co downtown and check out their social media pages!

Bottom line, don’t dis Gusta! This is more of an appreciation post for my city but I’ll upload a list of my favorite family friendly places to visit! You’d be surprised by all this small town has to offer!