Don’t DisGUSTA (Fun Eats in Augusta, Ga) Pt.2

Augusta, Georgia is mostly known for the Masters, but what if I told you there was something else just as exciting to do in Augusta? Many people don’t think of food when they think about visiting Augusta, but they should! Augusta cuisine is upcoming with a vast diversity that still screams southernness. Indulging in Augusta cuisine isn’t just something to do, it’s a must have experience!

For my film class, I got to create and shoot a promotional video in collaboration with my city’s informational hub, Augusta&Co. My partner and I visited some of Augusta’s hottest spots and I must warn you, the viewing of the video below may bring forth major salivation! You’ve been warned!

Each restaurant is family run and locally owned! Support locally owned businesses! Remember, every successful chain restaurant started off as a local restaurant, and some of the most famous corporations started off as mom and pops!

Visit these spots and tell them that The Christian Way sent you!



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