7 intentional gifts to give a father on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is near! Dads do so much for not only their children, but their entire family. Celebrating them on their special day is so important. We all know the tropes about how crappy society celebrates fathers of Father’s Day. You know, most restaurants don’t have the same special meal deals like do they do for moms and for the most part, stores frontline the stereotypical boring gifts no dad truly wants; ties, mugs, toolkits, ect. Well, while I won’t claim to be a gift giving guru, I will say that in the decade of knowing my husband, I’ve managed to gift him only ONE bad gift in our lifetime. That’s pretty impressive. I’ve found that the key to gifting good gifts, is to gift things you know the recipient will both love and actually use.

In this gift guide, every gift is intentional. Every father could use a little more Jesus, so I made sure to incorporate the OG of fathers— God, in every gift below. Gift giving is one of my love languages. Seeing the expression on the faces of those closest to me as they open my gifts, is a gift within itself! So without further ado, let me share some thoughtful and intentional gifts every father will love.

Daily devotional book

Finding the time to pray can be difficult in our fast paced lives, but finding the perfect words to say can even harder. Gift the dad in your life a daily devotional book to encourage his one on one time with Christ.

Prayer journals

Keeping a prayer journal can be paramount to physically seeing just how far God has brought you. Though most men don’t think of themselves as the journaling type, when encouraged to write down their conversations with God, their perceptions about journaling can change.

Faith based books

Feeding our spiritual body the right food is just as relevant to feeding our physical body the right foods. Many are unaware, but Christian fiction books are quite popular. I know when many think of faith based books, they think of self help or even pastoral memoirs, but there’s an array of Christian author artistry to enjoy! Gift a dad you love a good Christian book or a gift card to a bookstore!


We live in such creative times! There’s a Bible for every situation. Whether a pocket Bible, a Bible app, or a therapeutic coloring book Bible, the options are never ending. Bibles that fit certain decor and personal aesthetics are even available. You can never go wrong with gifting a Bible.

Bible cover

What better pair is a new Bible and Bible cover? Bible covers have progressed since the old fashion traditional covers were first released. Modern day Bible covers feature extra pockets to store notes, pens, and much more. A new Bible cover is a simple and thoughtful gift for a dad living an intentional life!

Christian albums

Music is a global love language! Though we don’t buy physical albums like we use to, creating the ultimate Christian playlist for the dad in your life is an awesome option! The sound of worship music has both matured and varied in array of sound. There’s literally a Christian musical artist for every genre. Whether Christian hip hop, Christian rock, or Christian soul, the options are endless.

Tickets to a men’s conference

Fellowshipping with likeminded people is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m a huge fan of Christian conferences, because beautiful connections are made, healing has a front row seat, and the ultimate worship ensues! A men’s conference is an awesome way to gift a dad an extraordinary worship experience! Let’s face it, most men’s conferences are usually cooler than women’s conferences! The men that attend conferences always come back with so much joy! If your church doesn’t have an upcoming conference, search for other conferences near you.

Shop the gift ideas I listed above with this link: http://liketk.it/3hCxo

I hope you found this intentional gift guide for fathers helpful! Happy shopping and to all the fathers out there, happy happy Father’s Day!

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