I wore a sports bra out in public and rocked it.

As a Fabletic’s partner, every month I get a cute outfit to share with my Instagram followers. When the brand reached out to me to collaborate with them, I was permeated with anxiety. I’d worked with various brands before, but Fabletics was different. For the first time, I felt like I wasn’t good enough to represent a brand–I felt like my body type wasn’t good enough to represent the brand.

Though Fabletics prides themselves on body inclusivity, there was immense fear in knowing ONLY my body was the focus of a post. People were literally going to judge my body and base their judgments on whether they wanted the outfit I was wearing. A mom of two in her thirties, still carrying baby weight and marketing to a fatphobic society, all of this was a lot to consider–a lot. That pressure arrested me. It was so heavy; I could barely breathe. When the time came to choose an outfit for my monthly collaboration post, I found myself always staying humble, selecting the sets that were the most conservative. But recently, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone.

Today I wore a sexy pink leopard workout set ,a sports bra and leggings, to target. I paired it with some cute black sneakers and a leather jacket. I looked H-O-T! I walked in my favorite store like I owned it, because in that moment I did. People stared, but instead of assuming the worst, I figured it was because I looked good–and I did. Liberation was mine! Emancipation was me. I left my house wearing my stretchmarks, reminders of the life I carried, out loud and proud. My body was so proud of me! I am so proud of my body! I want every woman wary of what they see in the mirror to begin to embrace what they see. We only get one body, that’s worth celebrating. This is your gentle reminder to wear what makes you feel SEXY, because sis, you are sexy!


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