There’s Power in Patience.

As a freelancer, you get accustomed to the word no. Even if it’s not said directly, you can take the hint when a piece you’ve written gets rejected from a publication. It can be discouraging, but I’ve learned that for every no, there’s a yes. When you consider the millions of publications around the world, one measly rejection email from one out of a million other publications seems minuscule.

In all transparency, I didn’t always possess this optimism. As a matter of fact, I was apprehensive to share my work for a long time. For a while, I didn’t. Consequently, when my last writing gig fell through, I felt like that experience reflected my talent as a writer. I questioned my talent and abilities.

So, imagine my astonishment when a friend reached out to me about a writing job. This friend is an established writer with a pretty impressive resume. Her considering me for ANY job in my eyes was/is an honor. (For the past months, she’s been a driving force of encouragement and light.) I’ll be forever grateful for her kindness.

She asked me to write an article covering Black hiker’s week on Instagram. I did. I conducted interviews with the curators of the movement and managed to write and submit the piece before the deadline. (All while mothering my two little ones) Immediately after receiving my article, I received the green light for layout. A few days later, I was submitting my invoice and W9!

Screenshot of my article, visit my publication tab to read the full piece

While I sat on the same bed I once shed tears on now writing for a bigger publication than my last; I had an epiphany. Last month I was distraught about my last writing gig disrespecting both me and my writing. Of course I knew that experience wouldn’t permanently hinder my writing career, but that didn’t make the trial any less hard. To be sitting in the same spot I once bawled my eyes out, now ok’ing article edits in a real deal publication felt like the biggest HAHA to the ones who doubted me—to the ones who hurt me.

Right then and there I heard God’s voice loud and clear. “Be still and know that I am God!” (Psalms 46:10) I’m unsure of why I hadn’t heard Him before. I’m sure this wasn’t His first time telling me to trust Him

While I had been questioning the reason, “why,” at my last job, God was orchestrating a plan—a major one! He needed me STILL and PATIENT so that I could prepare for my next task. The irony of it all was that just last month, my “Pro-black article” was too Black to be published in my old publication. Yet, my that article that was just published in Outdoor Retailer was Black as hell and in company with other beautiful Black stories.

To whoever’s reading this, remember to be still and patient, because although you’re weary and even a little anxious, your current set back is apart of a major comeback!

Seeing my name in Outdoor Retailer’s latest weekly issue was a reminder that things are always working for my good (Yours too) by the grace of God! Let today serve as a reminder for you to be as still as an anxious Amazon Prime shopper anxiously waiting by their door for the postman to deliver their package. Stay where you are and let God deliver (to) you!



Don’t DisGUSTA (Fun Eats in Augusta, Ga) Pt.2

Augusta, Georgia is mostly known for the Masters, but what if I told you there was something else just as exciting to do in Augusta? Many people don’t think of food when they think about visiting Augusta, but they should! Augusta cuisine is upcoming with a vast diversity that still screams southernness. Indulging in Augusta cuisine isn’t just something to do, it’s a must have experience!

For my film class, I got to create and shoot a promotional video in collaboration with my city’s informational hub, Augusta&Co. My partner and I visited some of Augusta’s hottest spots and I must warn you, the viewing of the video below may bring forth major salivation! You’ve been warned!

Each restaurant is family run and locally owned! Support locally owned businesses! Remember, every successful chain restaurant started off as a local restaurant, and some of the most famous corporations started off as mom and pops!

Visit these spots and tell them that The Christian Way sent you!



Don’t Dis Gusta

I’m a southern bell, the south is deep in my blood! Home of the sweetest sweet tea, peaches and the Masters– I love me some Augusta, Georgia!

When you grow up in a town so small, it’s easy to get bored. You feel like you’ve seen it all, done it all and when you’re younger, you dream of moving far far away as soon as you get the chance. It happens to everyone, even the people who live in the most gorgeous places.

I’ve lived other places but nothing beats home. Recently, I’ve really started to embrace my Augustan roots, supporting local businesses, going to local events and discovering art created on my town’s walls. It’s been wonderful– a new found love and appreciation for the city that birthed me.

On this new journey I’ve been obsessing over my city’s hashtag, ” #LoveAugusta,” and following other local bloggers! Augusta is lit!

Downtown has the most scenic views and there is literally something to do for everyone. Let’s not forget that this was the home to The Godfather of Soul, James Brown!

If you’re from here, I encourage you to step out your comfort zone. Try new things and fall in love with the city that loves back!

From our local farmers market, colorful murals and history, Augusta Ga is definitely a wonderful place to live. For all the latest events happening in Augusta, visit Augusta & Co downtown and check out their social media pages!

Bottom line, don’t dis Gusta! This is more of an appreciation post for my city but I’ll upload a list of my favorite family friendly places to visit! You’d be surprised by all this small town has to offer!