Break Glass In Case Of Emergency

I don’t think anyone anticipated COVID-19 being as serious as it is. We all heard about its impact in China, but still, it didn’t feel real – really real – until it touched the United State’s soil. We have been spoiled with science—solutions. I think we all assumed that we would have a cure by now, and that this nightmare would go away as fast as it came. Even with the few cases popping up around home, many of us still did not take this virus seriously until … going to the grocery store felt like something right out of a Steven King novel. Everyone has on masks, the grocery store aisles are bare, and for goodness sake, tissue is a commodity in these streets!

Many Americans are out of work, and unfortunately, we do not all have the pleasure of hazard pay. So, many Americans are frightened and quarantined to their homes—homes they might not be able to afford to live in after all this is said and done. 

In crisis, most of us know where can go to score a few extra bucks to hold us over, (Consignment shops, plasma centers, bookstores that buy old books, pawnshops, loans, and more), but due to the recent CDC regulations, many of the places we would normally turn to are closed. This leaves a lot of people with a plethora of problems, and no resolution!

But, I recently learned about Chapes-JPL. They are an Atlanta, Georgia jewelry buyer and they also provide asset loans. They purchase: gold, gold bullion, gold coins, diamonds, scrap gold, jewelry, Rolex watches, and more. In addition to purchasing your old jewelry, they also do low-interest asset loans with those low-interest rates as low as 2.5%. Chapes-JPL accepts jewelry in any condition, too, which I think is really neat! If you have jewelry that has tarnished from not wearing it, bring it in. If you have broken jewelry that you thought about just tossing in the trash, bring it in! You can also guarantee a fair appraisal because they’ve been in the appraisal business for over 30 years! Desperate times do not always have to call for desperate measures. By selling your old gold to Chapes-JPL, you can make extra money with dignity.

Another plus when it comes to selling to Chapes-JPL is that every transaction is done in privacy, so if you are looking to sell your jewelry, this is a great private place to do so. Often, when you sell to a local pawn shop, you discuss your information in their open showroom. With Chapes-JPL, they work out of private financial offices to discuss appraisals.

The covid-19 crisis has us all frightened about the future, and with the quarantine date being extended, I know you’re anxious about fast and safe solutions to keep your family afloat. Chapes-JPL, offers FREE online appraisals! If you are nervous about getting out of the house, don’t worry – just give them a call!

Their website details all the steps to get the process started. We might not have been able to prepare for this horrific pandemic, but we can prepare for tomorrow, especially when it comes to our finances. Visit their site today to get started!

A few other ways to prepare (and stay sane) during this time: Stock up (but do not go overboard) on groceries so that you do not have to get out of the house as much, help at-risk (immunocompromised or elderly) neighbors and friends with their tasks, order subscriptions for an extended period of time…just in case, think of fun tasks for your kids, utilize apps like FaceTime to stay social while you can’t physically go around people, and use this time to really connect with your family because most of the time, we do not get a chance to slow down at all.

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Yes, Covid-19 is very scary. It’s scary for me, it’s scary for the kids, and it’s very scary for the elderly and immunocompromised people, but we can prepare to ease our fears and we can try our best to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to see the positives during this time. Do not forget gratefulness – everyone isn’t in the same boat as you are. Consider the many people that can’t afford to stock up on essential items, or homeless people still living on the streets. During this time, we have to count every blessing. Although it’s extinct to look out for ourselves first when in crisis, try to consider the people around you, and how we can ALL keep safe while this time passes. Be kind, stay positive, and do your best to prepare without going overboard. Lastly, if you’re in need of some extra cash, consider selling your old jewelry to Chapes-JPL!