Daily Prayers

7 Daily Prayers for Fathers

I like to think of prayer as an invisible all encompassing protective cover. Without it, we’re all naked. I once watched a preacher’s sermon on YouTube, he preached about the power of prayer. He had children stand before him and as he prayed over each child, he placed a blanket over them. The blanket symbolized the covering of prayer. That pastor’s visualization of prayer will forever be sketched in my mind. Father’s Day is quickly approaching and with all the hustle and bustle for trying to find the perfect gift, I ask you, what’s a better gift than the ultimate COVER?

When I think of the ultimate father, I think of God fearing man that embodies these things: gentleness, an understanding and patient heart, compassion, strength, love, wisdom, and a stable heart and home. Join me in prayer as I share daily prayers that you can pray over the wonderful father figures in your life. Keep in mind that I refer to the men in my prayers as, “father figures,” to generalize the prayers for ALL, but feel free to personalize each prayer by inserting the name of the man you’re praying for.

A prayer for gentleness

Most Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the father figure in my life. May you bless this man in every way. Lord, please bless him with a gentle heart. In a world that forces toxic masculine ways on men, help this man know gentleness. May this fruit on his tree be so bountiful that it overflows. We love you so much Jesus. 


A prayer for understanding & patience 

Most gracious God, 

Thank you for this never ending lifeline of communication. Thank you for hearing my cries and always answering my calls. Lord God, today I ask that you bless the father figure in my life. Bless him with an understanding spirit, God. May he be quick to listen, even faster to pray, and slow to judgement and coldness. Bless him with a patient heart, God. I love you so much Jesus. 


A prayer for compassion 


Thank you for the father in my life. Bless him in every way. Lord God, give him a compassionate heart. Drench his heart in so much love that compassion is all it bleeds. Aid his actions in love when he’s faced with the stresses of fatherhood. May he always parent from a place of compassion. May compassion be one of the foundations of his actions. I love you so much Jesus.


A prayer for strength 

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for all fathers and thank you for being the ultimate father. Today I ask that you grant every father strength, especially on the days when fatherhood seems impossible. Jesus, show them that strength looks differently in different situations, yet no matter the form, strength is always worthy. Cover these men with your precious amor and prepare them for whatever fatherhood throws their way. I love you Jesus!


A prayer for love

Dear God,

As I come before you today in prayer, I want to first say thank you for being God. Thank you for blessing me with the father figures in my life. Today I’m praying for a father’s love. Help every father know you, because you are love. May every father embody so much godliness that only you are felt. God, I ask that regardless of circumstances, every child feels the love of their father at all times. I love you so much Jesus.


A prayer for wisdom 

Most gracious Father,

Thank you for the fathers in my life. May you grant them all with Solomon wisdom. Help them to see through things others can’t see. Help them to decipher things other can’t comprehend. Please grant them with all the knowledge of how and when to act. May their wisdom be uncanny and dwell deep. I love you so much Jesus.


A prayer for stability

Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for being all knowing. Thank you for choosing my father, my mother’s father, my children’s father, and so on. Lord God, I ask that you bless every man in my life with stability. Whether financial, spiritual, or physical, I ask that you bless them with balance and consistency. I rebuke the spirit of disfunction in your name! Make every piece of them stable. I love you so much Jesus. 


I know that Father’s Day isn’t always a celebratory day for everyone. Many wounds from broken father and child relationships ache on Father’s Day. As a child that wasn’t always close to her father, I understand those feelings—those wounds. Though some of these prayers may feel irrelevant to pray for your father due to your current state in relationship, I urge you to pray these prayers anyway. Prayer changes things! I am a testament. God brought my relationship with my father a mighty long way and now, my dad is one of my best friends. 

Family, remember to pray when you feel good. Pray when you feel bad. Pray at all times, because prayer is your one on one time with the ultimate Father and He’s always available to chat. Be blessed!