Finding the Right Pediatrician for your Family

Parenting is tough, we all know that, but what’s even tougher is trying to read your baby’s mind. “Do they like this?” “Are they ok” “Is this the hungry cry or poop cry?”

Because babies can’t articulate their exact needs we’re forced to think and act for them. My first experiences with this was when I had to choose Liam and Zora’s pediatrician. The most important thing for me was that my kids liked their doctor. “The kids would be stuck with this doctor for the next 18 years,” I thought. 

Liam and Zora ended up with the most amazing doctor! We immediately knew that Dr.Delacruz was OUR doctor from the way she rocked our babies in her arms while she talked. She had a way with our children that felt so organic. They felt comfortable with her and so did my husband and I. She supported all of our decisions and always provided extra information if we were unsure about anything. Dr. Delacruz always went the extra mile! Going to the doctor became something Liam looked forward to!

Dr. Delacruz & Zora

Finding a pediatrician for your little one can be intimidating. It’s ok to look around and visit multiple practices. You and your children should have a special bond with their doctor. I lucked up and didn’t have to look to far but that’s not always the case for other parents.

Here are some tips that helped us find our perfect doctor!

1. First things first, find out what providers your insurance covers.

You don’t want to get all the way to the doctor’s office just to find out your insurance doesn’t cover the visit. I’ve seen this happen and not only can it be embarrassing, it’s frustrating.

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2. Google the doctor’s you’reinterested in visiting!

Google is life! You can find everything you need to know with just a couple swipes on your phone.

Ex: What do other patients think about this doctor? Does this doctor specialize in anything? Does this doctor have any awards? Is this doctor a REAL doctor? (Remember Dr.Love)Picture taken from

3. Go off your child’s feelings.

I can always tell when my kids are uncomfortable. Go off your mommy senses. Remember, if your child doesn’t like their doctor, doctor’s visits won’t be pleasant for anyone.

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4. Does the doctor listen to you and your child’s wants and needs?

Our pediatrician always honored our wants and goals for our children. When we went vegan, she printed out information on the best foods to feed our toddler. When I told her that I wanted to go on the ketogenic diet while breastfeeding, she literally went to her office to conduct research during our visit to see if this was a good fit for baby and me. 

In Dr. Delacruz’s absence, we’ve had to see other doctors. The other doctors weren’t always so willing to listen or accommodate our needs.

Pick a doctor that values your opinions and wants. You guys should be the perfect team in keeping baby healthy and happy!

5. Pray on it!

Even though I did my due diligence in searching for the best doctor for my family, I still prayed. I knew that what I wasn’t sure of, God was.

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I hope these tips help you and your family find the perfect pediatrician!