I was 18 young and naive

Mama just kicked me out and I wanted to believe

Everything she ever told me about the world was false

Cause, “she’s crazy,” and I’m not I thought

You slid in my private messages

Your words so nice to my ears

Although your appearance mirrored that of a monster

I was desperate for love, I still wanted you near

Little did I know your outer looks mirrored your soul

But unbeknownst to me, I still nurtured your love-toll

We met

Our first date

It was at your dad’s house

High off rom-coms and immaturities

I welcomed the worst day of my life

But I didn’t know that

I didn’t know

I didn’t know that you’d take life from me

My virginity

I didn’t know you’d take life from me

My maturity

It was mine

But you took it

My pussy

Your power

My body used like an incubator

Used only at your desire 

I knew what you had done to me was wrong

That night haunted me forever

Yet I was so desperate for love

I fell for your endeavors

Had I not awakened

And finally called you by your name

I would’ve beared my RAPIST’S child

And suffered through the shame

If only you had succeeded with your evil plan

The new abortion laws created would’ve forced me to bear a child by you, an evil man