50 Daily Affirmations to Speak Over your Life in 2021

Happy New Year! I know we’re all walking into 2021 like a puppy with its tail tucked between its legs. I get it. Nothing could’ve prepared us for last year. Unlike the many years before where people gladly look forward to the New Year by setting new resolutions and goals, many dread what 2021 will bring forth. The mere thought of walking into yet another unknown circumstance, terrifies us all. I mean, “what if 2020 was only the predecessor for more turmoil,” many of us questioned. These depressive thoughts have caused us to sit in stagnation, to walk into this New Year already defeated.

Well, I have news from the one who reigns over it all, your Father, and He wants me to tell you that starting the year off depressed, unmotivated, and disorganized is a trick from the enemy. You see, the enemy knows your potential, he knows that whatever attitude you enter the year with will heavily determine the outcome for your year. This is why you can’t fall for his deceit. 2021 can be great if you let it!

As someone who struggles with depressive thoughts daily, I’ve learned that my superpower over dark days stems from words, words of affirmation. Affirmations are words spoken with intent to motivate, uplift, and influence your life. Many studies reflect that the way you think of yourself or circumstances determine your approach to change it. Essentially, speaking positivity over your life holds magnificent power!

Speak and dwell on these affirmations and watch your life change!

  1. I am worthy!
  2. I matter!
  3. I am intelligent!
  4. I am unique!
  5. I am hardworking!
  6. I am strong!
  7. I will get my dream job!
  8. I will make more money!
  9. My family loves me!
  10. I will accomplish all my endeavors!
  11. I am beautiful!
  12. I am resilient!
  13. I am special!
  14. I am sexy!
  15. I will buy my dream car!
  16. I will buy my dream house!
  17. My brand will prosper!
  18. My business will boom!
  19. All generational curses will end with me!
  20. I am not what I did in the past!
  21. I am innovative!
  22. I am creative!
  23. My body is perfect!
  24. I will find love!
  25. I will live a long and healthy life!
  26. I will conquer any illness!
  27. My family is blessed!
  28. My seeds are blessed!
  29. My marriage is blessed!
  30. My children are blessed!
  31. My pregnancy is blessed!
  32. My bills will be paid in full and on time this year!
  33.  I hold all the tools to enrich my life!
  34. My thoughts influence my actions, so I will think positive thoughts even in dark times!
  35. I am indestructible!
  36. I am a survivor!
  37. I make a difference!
  38. I am worthy of forgiveness!
  39. I deserve nice things!
  40. I am easy to love!
  41. I am enough!
  42. Things are happening for my good!
  43. I am proud of me!
  44. I love myself!
  45. I am brave!
  46. I am kind!
  47. I am fearless!
  48. I am capable!
  49. I am powerful!
  50. I deserve every good thing that happens to me!

Do you feel as awesome as you are yet? Don’t let the past or negative thoughts monopolize your life. You hold the key to your dreams. I believe in you.