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Kim Davies reflects on the journey to dean of Pamplin College

Recently, Kim Davies was announced dean of Pamplin college. Though she is a familiar face to many, most do not know how long she has been a part of the Augusta University family.  

Davies’ career at Augusta University stared in 1996. “I interviewed at Augusta College in February of 1996 and when I started in fall 1996, the University had already changed to become Augusta University,” she said. 

While the campus size and university name have changed a few times during her duration at the university, Davies said, “two things haven’t changed and that is that the faculty were friendly and cared about students and the students were diverse – they were from all types of backgrounds and they had interesting life stories. “

Many celebrate Davies’ promotion because it represents inclusivity for women. Though about 46 percent of Augusta University’s faculty is women, the representation for women in prestigious positions within higher education is not parallel.   

“I believe we should strive for equity of all groups — socially, economically, and politically – and this is in my mind as I do my work every day,” Davies said.  

Davies feels that it is great to be a leader and a woman who is in a leadership position who can be an example for others who seek to set high goals for themselves.  

 Davies celebrates her newfound position, and wants to celebrate sisterhood amongst the other women who share a seat at her table of success. 

Pamplin college is instore for many changes during Davies’ new leadership. According to her, a few changes students should look forward to are, digital and visual storytelling degrees, media industries program beyond the certificate we have now and a graphic studies major.