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Reactions about election wins

The historical victories of Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator Raphael Warnock represent equal opportunities for both women and men. Both wins highlight new possibilities for minorities and women.  

President Joe Biden won for the democratic party in the 2020 presidential election against incumbent republican President Donald Trump. Vice President Harris serves alongside President Biden as United States’ first woman in office and first woman of color in a traditionally white-male role. Raphael Warnock serves as Georgia’s first Black democratic senator alongside Jon Ossoff, Georgia’s first Jewish senator. 

“For me, a Georgia native with an academic specialty in southern history, Rev. Warnock’s victory was especially moving,” said John Hayes, associate professor of history at Augusta University. “I thought Biden and Harris would win, but was pleasantly surprised that Warnock and Ossoff did too.” 

Hayes wrote on under a social media post in celebration of the victories, “a minister rooted in the Black church’s social justice tradition defeated a nihilistic plutocrat hawking reactionary whiteness…in Georgia…my, my!” 

Black student union president, Sydney Strong said, “I’m always happy about more representation in the senate and even the White House.”  

Strong feels, these historical victories represent, “one huge step to getting aid and resources within our Black communities.” 

Morgan Wooten, Black and Blooming’s vice president feels the victories of Harris and Warnock are inspirational. “These things wouldn’t have been possible a few decades ago,” Wooten said.  “We refuse to believe that these victories will be the last.”