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Kamala Harris on cover of Vogue

Vice President Kamala Harris’ win marks a key milestone in America’s history. For the first time in the history of the United States, a minority woman will serve as Vice President.  

Various magazines have documented Vice President Harris’ win, with one of the first being Vogue magazine.  

Though her appearance on the cover depicts a historic moment, the Vogue cover was also met with scrutiny. 

Vice President Harris’ Vogue cover has been compared to Beyonce’s, suggesting that the photographer, Tyler Mitchell, did not put forth the same effort into the Vice President’s cover.  

Jasmyn Wright, licensed esthetician/makeup artist and co-owner of Twice The Glamm Co. salon commented on the cover. 

“The way her hair is styled, her makeup, and even the clothes she is wearing looks like that of a white woman”, said Wright. “They could’ve added texture to her hair or used warmed tones in her makeup.” 

Stevie-Mari Starks, Instagram Digital Creator and sorority sister to the Vice President said that Kamala’s makeup made her appear lighter.  

“I don’t think this was the intended intent,” Starks added. 

Despite her critique, Starks says both Vogue covers are graceful and authoritative.  

“Vice President Harris seems to like the simpler things; pink and green for our sorority, tennis shoes for her personality, pants suit for equality and that she means business, and a smile because she’s happy and outgoing; that’s what the cover shows me,” Starks continued.  

Randy Pace, photography professor at Augusta University, explained that oftentimes, photographers do not do their own photo retouching and editing.  

“I don’t believe the photographer would have done anything to intentionally alter the way the Vice President looks,” Pace said. 

Pace said he believes Mitchell’s goal was to capture Vice President Harris as an everyday woman to make her look relatable. 

Vice President Harris will serve along President Joe Biden, sworn in on Jan. 20, 2021.